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Remove Sagging Skin of the Chin and Neck

Male Neck liposuction

Not every patient who seeks to correct sagging neck wants or requires a full facelift. Men in particular may not want to undergo full face procedure. With neck lift, many patients look younger without the financial cost and downtime associated with a standard facelift. 

As people age, they often loose definition in their chin and jaw line due to fatty deposits, weakening muscles and loose skin. By  just improving the neck region, patients' profiles can look years younger and clothes and fashion accessories such as ties, turtlenecks, and necklaces are worn more comfortably. Fat removal through an incision under the chin and behind the ears can be combined with muscle tightening and freeing the skin from the muscle, depending on the degree of aging and individual patient characteristics. For more information visit neck liposuction section.

Remove Sagging Skin of the Chin and Neck

Problems addressed:

  • Loose Neck


T Neck

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